Guatemala Los Santos Espresso


Antigua is an old city. It was founded in the early 1500s by the Mayan civilization and many of the old traditions can be found mixed with incorporated Catholic customs in a dichotomous city of ancient architecture and modern revitalization. The city is surrounded by three active volcanoes that give the valley an agricultural richness that is unrivaled throughout Guatemala. Antigua grows tropical fruits, cotton, beans, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, plantains, tomatoes, and yams. However, with the growing popularity in specialty coffee worldwide Antigua is seeing a percentage of small-lot farmers switch from conventional agriculture production to coffee production.
This is exactly where Luis Pedro Zelaya and Hunapu fit into the picture of modern Antigua. Hunapu is not a farm per se, it is more of an idea or philosophy. Named after a Mayan creator god, the name Hunapu was given to the valley by the Spanish during their conquest in the 1600s. Hunapu was started by Luis Pedro as a means to aid his community by helping them produce better coffee and gain better buying power for their coffees. Hunapu is currently a collection of more than 30 small-lot coffee producers all under the guidance of Luis Pedro Zelaya.
Luis Pedro has an obsession with sorting and processing. Once the cherry has been picked and processed the green coffee is dried and then sorted for defects. Luis Pedro is truly one of the best in the world when it comes to sorting. He sorts for defects, then again for bean size, a third time for density, and finally for color. All of his coffees are then sorted by hand for anything that the machine sorters might have missed. Finding a defect in a lot sorted by Luis Pedro is not just unheard of; it simply does not happen.
Los Santos is Luis Pedro Zelaya’s father’s farm and operates under the Hunapu namesake. Luis Pedro Zelaya Senior is a third-generation coffee producer and took over the family farm just before the farm’s 100th year in production. Between both Luis Pedro Senior and Luis Pedro Zelaya Junior there is a pedigree of over 100 years of coffee production experience in their bloodline.
This particular lot is a Bourbon varietal, grown at Los Santos and processed at Beneficio Bella Vista under Luis Pedro Zelaya Junior’s tutelage. Finca Los Santos, while not the best plot of land moisture-wise due to it sitting on the leeward side of the volcano and thus receiving much less rain than the rest of the valley, has extremely nutrient-rich soil from the volcanic ash that settles there. The stress put on the coffee plants from the drier environment mixed with the high elevation creates a dense and rich coffee bean with a flavor profile to match.



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