Naturals With Attitude


All orders that include Naturals With Attitude will be roasted and shipped according to the Naturals With Attitude roasting schedule.

Next Roast Date: April 23rd, 2018.


We are big fans of blends at Temple Coffee. We have a history of high-scoring blends on Coffee Review and have consistently sent our perennial blends to be scored year after year. There is a conversation to be had of blends versus single origin. Our philosophy on blends requires the coffees to be balanced and complete, and Temple must endeavor to find a balance between creating blends and focusing on single origin coffees. We focus most of our releases on single origin, farm/producer-focused coffees but when we do create a blend they are designed to create a flavor profile that can't be achieved alone by any of the coffees that are used in the blend. That aspect of creation is one of the main reasons that we create blends at Temple Coffee Roasters.

Our blends originate on the cupping table. We really get to know the flavor profiles of our coffees during our daily quality control cuppings. From there we roast each component that we believe will complement each other separately and combine them on the table to work out the blend ratios. For the Naturals with Attitude, we did the same but took all of our best coffees that we had on hand and worked those into a combination that we felt would represent the best blend possible. In the roasterie we affectionately call this practice "Money is no option" blending. We did this a few years ago for a blend called "Don Pepe's Excellent Adventure" (borrowing from Bill & Ted's lore for inspiration), and we have used it a few times since then for in-house training and lectures to show that blends are not necessarily sub-par to single origin coffees.

Naturals with Attitude is comprised of Panama Finca Deborah Caturra Natural, Panama Finca Hartmann Natural Geisha, Panama Finca Lerida Natural Geisha, and Ethiopia Sidamo Mulish Natural. Each coffee is roasted using our vintage Probat UG-15. For each profile we adjusted our drum speed mid-roast to swap the heat transfer from mainly conventional heat transfer to conductional heat transfer. This gives the coffee more even heat penetration and heightens acidity developed during first crack. In terms of flavor the Panama Finca Deborah acts as our base, giving sweetness and balance to the overall flavor with the Geishas (Hartmann and Lerida) playing off of each other with complex combinations of acidity and flavor. The Ethiopia then fills in the restrained spots in the flavor profile and ties everything together in a neat bow.

When we create these "Money is no Option" blends we try to create a fun name because it juxtaposes the seriousness of the coffee with the lightheartedness of blends in the eye of the general public. Since this blend contains four very in-your-face natural processed coffees, it is amazing to us that when they are combined they create a fully formed and balanced cup.



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