Peru Gilberto Alverez Chambi


We are excited to offer two rarities in one coffee. This coffee comes to us from Peru, a country we haven’t purchased from in three years, via Aleco Chigounis at Red Fox Coffee Merchants, a renowned importer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. This is the first season we have worked with Red Fox Coffee Merchants even though our histories have been intertwined for much of the last decade. Our Director of Coffee worked with Aleco Chigounis for a year in a green buying department down in Los Angeles. Since then both parties have grown and taken what they learned to new heights.
This coffee comes from the Puno district of Peru, a time-tested and reliable coffee region of Peru. In 2015 Puno was hit heavily with Roya (coffee leaf rust) and drought leading many small lot coffee farmers to pull up their coffee plants and switch their production to cocoa plants. Cocoa production fetches a higher price at the market and has two harvest seasons each year compared to the single harvest of coffee cherry. However, in spite of these difficulties the producers that have persevered in coffee production have experienced an increase in quality due to diligent growing practices and Roya prevention. Puno rests at about 1900 MASL which is perfect altitude for Caturra, Typica, and Bourbon varieties. Puno is also geographically close to the Peruvian Altiplano (high plain) which has perfect conditions for green coffee storage post-processing and pre-transport, so the offerings we receive from Peru are well preserved and incredibly exciting.
The Tupac Amara Cooperative processed this coffee from Gliberto Alverez Chambi. They use the fairly standardized washed process method that we see all over South America. Their coffees are mechanically de-pulped and washed in fermentation tanks for 16-20 hours depending on the coffee and finally laid out on parabolic raised beds to dry for 6-14 days (or until the moisture content of the coffee reaches optimum levels for export). Tupac Amara Cooperative has over 500 farmers within its ranks and is a part of a greater coffee producers union consisting of 7 other cooperatives boasting collective numbers over 4,000 farmers. Each farmer is a small lot farmer with an average farm size of 2.5 hectares (or a little over 6 acres each).
We are excited to offer this coffee from Peru and look forward to continuing our relationship with Red Fox Coffee Merchants. Enjoy!



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