Coffee: Seed to Cup

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Did you know that coffee is actually the seed or pit of a coffee cherry? That's right, it comes from fruit! This coffee seed goes through quite a journey from origin to reach our doorstep.

The coffee plant itself thrives in specific growing regions around the world that impart distinct terroir traits on its flavor. How this coffee is processed, either washed, natural or a hybrid of the two, also affects the overall flavors in the cup. This coffee bean is then shipped across the world to be small-batch roasted on our vintage Probat roaster balancing its acidity, sweetness, and bitterness.

In this course, we will learn in detail about every step in this process and taste some of the differences first hand.

$25 which includes a 12 oz bag of freshly roasted coffee per person.

There are NO refunds and NO rescheduling. An email reminder will be sent out at least 2 days before the event.

All classes will be held at the roasting and training facility at 2825 S St. Sacramento, CA 95816 (look for the door marked "Education").

Phone: 916.454.1282

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