Introduction to Sample Roasting

Sold Out

In this brief introduction to sample roasting, we will go over the chemical and physical changes that happen to a bean when it is roasted. We will talk about the different kinds of heat transfers and how that affects a coffee’s flavor development. The bulk of the class will be spent learning about sample roasting, its uses, parts, and functionality as well as cupping various roasting or green coffee defects to identify why a coffee is considered good or bad. 1.5-hour class. 12-person maximum.

$30, which includes a 12oz bag of freshly roasted coffee per person.

There are NO refunds and NO rescheduling. An email reminder will be sent out at least 2 days before the event.

All classes will be held at the roasting and training facility at 2825 S. St. Sacramento, CA 95816 (look for the door marked “Education”).

Phone: 916.454.1282

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