Cold Bruer Iced Coffee Maker

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Ever want to enjoy that great iced coffee you get at the cafes in the convenience of your home? The Cold Bruer is the way to go.

The Cold Bruer is simple, sleek, gorgeous device which makes cold brew coffee by dripping ice water slowly over a bed of ground coffee.

The beauty of the Cold Bruer is its minimalist design: its simply a carafe, brewing tower, drip control valve, and lid.

At the heart of the device is the valve, which controls the drip speed by simply turning it clockwise. The valve is fully open, and will therefore drip the fastest, when the laser-etched line is aligned with the notch in the silicone, and the more you turn, the slower your drip.

We recommend using 50g of medium-fine coffee and 25oz of ice water with a drip speed of 1 drip per second over 4 to 5 hours. See our brew guide video for detailed instructions.

We are happy to be offering the Cold Bruer as a great way to make iced coffee at home!


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