Origin Travel Tumbler 12oz

Every coffee's story begins at origin; a belief that informs Temple's approach to sourcing and roasting specialty coffee illustrated upon the walls of this Origin Travel Tumbler. The imprinted design also features our "Farm to Cup" motto plus the phrases, "roasted daily in small batches" and "sustainably sourced." Together, these declarations surround the Temple Coffee Roasters' name, symbolizing the values that encompass our company's position on sourcing coffee. A centralized, minimal coffee plant motif grows upwards but remains rooted in the cities from which our story began. Although we continue to grow, we remember where we come from, and we will continue to embody the core beliefs that we surround ourselves with every day.

  • Features a snap-close lid that prevents leaking, perfect for being on-the-go
  • Tumbler is double-wall insulated medical grade stainless steel on the inside and powder coated on the outside. This means they are sweat-proof, BPA-free, and keep your drip coffee hot or your cold brew cold
  • A portion of each Miir cup's proceeds goes towards clean water charities

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