Hands-On Barista Class

Hands on Barista Training (4 hours). A great class for someone thinking about opening their own coffee house, restaurant, or someone who wants to refine their home barista skills.

An in-depth look at espresso making to Specialty Coffee Asscociation of America standards. Will work hands-on with some of the best grinders and espresso machines in the world. Dose, tamp, extraction parameters, tasting, oh my!

An in-depth look at milk characteristics, steaming, and pouring milk based beverages, including latte art. Learn how to create creamy micro-foam with a marshmallow-like sweetness, and even learn how to pour a heart!

Equipment Education:
Basic understanding of espresso equipment, cleaning, and maintenance.

Class Size: Maximum 6 (1 instructor per 2 people).

Class Length: 4 hours

$170, which includes a 12oz bag of espresso beans. There are NO refunds and NO rescheduling. An email reminder will be emailed out at least 2 days before the event.

All classes will be held at the roasting and training facility at 2825 S. St., Sacramento, CA, 95816.

phone: 916.454.1282

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